Our Goals

At Trinity Church Victor Harbor we long to see lives transformed through the good news of Jesus.

We believe Jesus changes lives, and that this change happens in three directions, as we
grow up to love God with all that we are,
grow out to love our world with the gospel of Jesus,
and grow in to love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Each of these directions takes on a particular set of behaviours at Trinity Church Victor Harbor, driven by our core values.

To grow up in love for God,
we listen to God as we read, hear, and respond to his word, the Bible
we depend upon God through humble, thankful, confident prayer
we praise and worship God for what he has done for us in Jesus

To grow out in love for the world,
we share the message of Jesus with the South Coast community
we plant new gospel-proclaiming ministries across the South Coast
we look for opportunities to serve the South Coast communities

To grow in love for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ,
we encourage each other to grow in Christ
we serve each other with Jesus-shaped self-sacrifice
we welcome all people, strangers and friends, to share our lives together—often with food!