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Where and When

We meet every Sunday at 10am for church in Victor Harbor.
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Please visit us at Investigator College – Performing Arts and Sports Centre, Victor Harbor Campus, Bacchus Road, Victor Harbor. We’re only a short drive from Encounter Bay, Port Elliot, Middleton and Goolwa.

The service begins at 10am, but come early to grab a tea or coffee and meet some of our regulars.

As a church we think our Sunday meeting is an important part of our life together. We also think of church as more a family than a formal event; so we try and share our lives together in lots of ways through the week, both formal and informal. If you’re looking to connect with us, our Get Involved page provides more information.

What to Expect

Coming to church for the first time can seem a little daunting, but we’ll ensure that you receive a warm welcome.
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Arrive early to our 10am service so you can grab a drink and have a chat. Or, if you prefer, you can head straight into the auditorium for personal reflection or prayer before the service.

Our services are shaped by the conviction that what we need most is to hear God speak to us in his word, the Bible. The whole service leads up to and follows on from the reading of a passage from the Bible. A message is then given to show how the passage relates to Jesus, God’s great plan of salvation for our world, and how we fit into it.

When our service starts we usually sing a song or two to help prepare us for hearing God’s word. We’ll often have a kids’ talk or a kids’ song.

We sometimes change the order around after that, but we will always pray for our community, our city and our world. We will always have a Bible reading followed by a talk explaining and applying the passage. Once a month we also will share in the Lord’s Supper, a symbolic meal of bread and grape juice, as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, and the unity we share in him.

Dress is casual, anyone is welcome and you don’t need to participate in any part of the service you don’t want to.


There is plenty of parking on-site at Investigator College.
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Enter the car park off Bacchus Road, and follow the Trinity Church Victor Harbor signs to walk through to the auditorium.

Children’s Programs

We love having kids in our church, but we also know it can be a really tough job for parents – which means we want you to feel totally at ease about any noise your kids might make!
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You are very welcome to keep your children with you through the morning, or make use of our kids’ activities.

We are committed to partnering with parents in seeing kids come to know the love of Jesus for themselves, and learn what it looks like to follow him as their king and saviour. We love having kids in the service with us, and believe it can be very powerful for kids to see their own parents and caregivers actively engaged in our gatherings.

During the school terms, we run Sunday morning programs for children and youth from babies through to Year 9 at school. These programs run during the sermon, and provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere, and Bible-based activities.

Through the school holidays, your kids can enjoy the activity clipboards we provide each week for them through the service. For younger infants, a ‘Kids’ Corner’ is set up at the back of the auditorium for play supervised by parents.

Child Protection

We take child protection very seriously as a church. All our leaders are trained, police checked and we always have two authorised adult leaders with children at all times during the activities we run. In short, they are people that we trust with our own kids in environments set up in ways that promote safe practices, for the benefit of our whole community.

For Those Needing Assistance

If you need assistance in any way, we would love to help.
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We want you to know you are valued and welcomed at Trinity Church Victor Harbor.

If you have special needs, please let us know how we can best help you. One great way to help us would be to contact us during the week before you visit.

It is a short walk from the car park to the auditorium. If you need closer access, there is a disabled car spot, and a loading zone, on the southern side of the auditorium. While the auditorium itself is tiered, with steps leading down to the front, there is a row of chairs on the entrance level for those who would like easy access.

If reading off the projector screen is difficult for you, we also have a number of large print song word sheets, as well as large print Bibles. Please ask one of our welcomers if you would like to have one of these.

We also can do a reasonable amount of standing and sitting through the morning. For example, we will often invite everyone to stand during songs. However, please feel no pressure to do this! Feel free to stand or sit during the service as you are able and comfortable to do.


We love good music at Trinity Church Victor Harbor and it is a vital part of our time together on Sundays.
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If you’re not used to or comfortable singing publicly, please feel free to just listen along.

Why do we sing?

The short answer is – because we have something to sing about!

When something great happens, it’s a natural response for people to sing about it; whether it’s a win in the footy, a child being born, or a new relationship. For Christians, what Jesus has done is like all these, only even greater: he has won an incredible eternal victory over evil and sin and death; he has given us new life; he loves his people in such a complete way that the Bible describes it like a bridegroom with his bride. If anything is worth singing about, we think Jesus is!

As a community we want to praise God, encourage each other, prepare ourselves for hearing the Bible read and taught, and respond to what we have heard. We can simply speak these words and we often do in prayer. However, music has the ability to move these words from the head to the heart and because of that, we love to sing.

What kind of songs do we sing?

Our music is contemporary in style – usually lead by a band that includes a guitar and a keyboard.

We see music as another ministry of the word of God. As such, we choose songs for their ability to reflect biblical truths in song. There are new songs, as well as great old hymns that we will often sing in contemporary arrangements, that do this well. Whether you sing or listen we hope it encourages you to know God more deeply.