Citizens of Heaven: New Series in Philippians

The Bible’s book of Philippians is a short but incredibly powerful letter. It paints a picture of God’s people as citizens, not just of the earthly kingdoms they live in, but more fundamentally citizens of heaven, with Jesus as our risen and eternal King. Each Sunday from 23rd July – 3rd September, we will be hearing the message of this magnificent book.

Belonging to this heavenly kingdom means we can have a deep and real joy, even in the face of suffering. It means we can have a lasting purpose, as we partner together to share the good news of Jesus. And it means we can have a true contentment, as those who have received the riches of God’s grace in Jesus.

This preaching series has been put together by a number of preachers in our church family. So throughout August and September, you’ll see different faces up the front; but what will be the same is the wonderful news about Jesus that Philippians is all about.