Meet Jesus: Sermon Series

Have you met Jesus?

Whatever you make of him, Jesus has shaped this world more than any other person in history. Our calendar revolves around him; his teachings have deeply influenced our society; his birth, death and resurrection are remembered all around the world each year at Christmas and Easter.

At Trinity Church, we believe that life is all about Jesus! Through his life, death and resurrection, he brings good news for a weary world.

During Term 1 in 2024, we will be meeting the real Jesus, reflecting on key passages from one of his biographies, the gospel of Luke. We’d love for you to join us.

Sunday 4th February: Meet the real Jesus
Sunday 11th February: Meet the proclaimer of good news
Sunday 18th February: Meet the friend of sinners
Sunday 25th February: Meet the powerful Son of God
Sunday 3rd March: Meet God’s Messiah
Sunday 10th March: Meet the true treasure
Sunday 17th March: Meet the banquet host
Sunday 24th March: Meet the one who works for us
Friday 31st March (Good Friday): Meet the saving King
Sunday 31st March: Meet the living King
Sunday 7th April: Meet God’s right-hand-man
Sunday 14th April: Meet the Lord of all!