Sunday Seminars

Join us over three Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm, as we explore three important topics. Each seminar will include input on the Bible’s teaching, as well as opportunity for discussion, and will go for about one hour.

Sunday 12th September – Sickness and Death in light of the End

How should we think about sickness and death in the light of God’s great purposes fulfilled in Jesus? Should we expect to be spared from sickness if we have enough faith? How can we prepare for our own death without fear or despair?

Sunday 19th September – Guidance in light of the End

How do we make good decisions – decisions that count – in the light of the Kingdom of God? How can we enjoy God’s great generosity, as well as follow his command to take up our cross in lives of self-sacrificial service? How should we make decisions about our work, our relationships with family and friends, our lives as citizens of Australia, in the light of God’s end?

Sunday 26th September – The Millennium in light of the End

Of all the things Christians have differed over, this is one of the big ones! How and why have Christians come to different interpretations of the bible’s teaching on the very end of the world, and what difference does it make? What’s the deal with the Millennium, beasts, the rapture, 666, and all that?