Winter School 2018: Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth


You’re invited to join us for Winter School throughout August as we dig deeper into ‘Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth’:

The Story of the Bible (6th August)
David Wright (Lecturer, Bible College of S.A.) will take us through the Bible’s big story, seeing how it all leads to Jesus.

The Formation of the Bible (13th August)
Duncan Andrews (Pastor, Trinity South Coast) will explore how, under God, the books of the Bible came to be collected into our Old and New Testaments.

The Diversity of the Bible (20th August)
Katy Smith (Director, CMS S.A/N.T.) will help us understand and appreciate the different genres and backgrounds in the Bible.

Applying the Bible (27th August)
Barry Webb (Lecturer, Moore Theological College) will help us apply the Bible in the light of the gospel.

All sessions run on Mondays, 2-4pm, repeated at 7-9pm.

For location details please contact us.