Join a Home Group

An excellent way to get involved in Trinity Church Victor Harbor is to join a home group. These groups are great environments to grow in our knowledge and love of God and of each other.

Our groups are driven by our larger goals as a church – to grow up in love for God, out in love for the world, and inwards in love for each other. So, similar to our larger gatherings, our home groups will read and talk about the Bible, spend time praying in response to it, and encourage each other to follow Jesus. They’ll also make time to get to know each other socially, and think about ways they can love the communities around them.

Because they are small groups (about 8-12 people), they can aim for these goals in ways that a larger group can’t do. It might seem daunting at first, but joining a home group is a great way to boost your involvement at Trinity Church Victor Harbor, and grow as a Christian.

If you’re interested, want to join, or just want to get some more information, please contact Duncan Andrews.