The Psalms: Songs of the King

Throughout Term 4 we will be reflecting on the book of Psalms, the great song book of the bible. The Psalms are loved by many people; and yet they can also be confusing, and at times uncomfortable, to read. However, once we see these Psalms as the songs of God’s king, fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah, they take on a new richness and beauty.

Join us as we see how the Psalms point to Jesus, and how we can sing them together through faith in him.

October 13: Psalm 3 – The King’s Suffering (Part 1)
October 20: Psalm 4 – The King’s Suffering (Part 2)
November 17: Psalm 8 – The King’s Rule
November 24: Psalm 16 – The King’s Vindication
December 15: Psalm 45 – The King’s Beauty
December 25 (Christmas Day): Psalm 100 – The King’s Joy
December 29: Psalm 103 – The King’s Praise