Back to our Beginnings #2 – Made In the Image of God (Genesis 1:24-31)

Read the Bible passage

Sermon outline

Are we any different to animals?

Professor Peter Singer: “To give preference to the life of a being simply because that being is a member of our species would put us in the same position as racists who give preference to those who are members of their race.”

The enigma that is humanity

  1. Humanity – the apex of God’s creation
    • Collecting the clues

The ‘key change’ on day 6

    • Careful use of words

                                    Made – Genesis 1:7, 16, 25

                                    Created – Genesis 1:1, 21, 27

    • ‘Created’  in the image of God

                                    Unique relational capacity

                                    Delegated authority and responsibility

2. What are some of the implications?

    • The dignity and value of all human beings (James 3:9-11)
    • Our responsibility to care for the world
    • To be fully human is to know your Creator

More than mammals