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The Lord is King #3 – The Vine of the Lord: Bad (and good) fruit – Isaiah 5:1-30

Read the Bible passage Sermon outline Bad fruit? “What more could have been done!?” (5:1-7) Woe! Israel’s cluster of rotten fruit Oppressive materialism (v8-10) Thoughtless hedonism (v11-12) Cynical wickedness (V18-19) Moral confusion (v20) Proud arrogance (v21) Drunken corruption (v22-23) Therefore! Exile (v13) Death and humiliation (V14-17) Decay (v24) The Lord’s anger burns (v25) Yet, for…

Psalms #8 – Repentance And Renewal (Psalm 51)

Read the Bible passage Sermon outline All is discovered! Fly at once! Psalm 51: The cry of an exposed heart The anatomy of true repentance: Grounded in the mercy of God Involves an open, unconditional confession of deep sin Pleads for cleansing, renewal, and joyful obedience Moves you outside of yourself in humble confidence You…

Ruth #1 – Leaving And Returning (Ruth 1)

Read the Bible passage Sermon outline. The pattern of the Prodigal The story begins: A sensible, tragic decision Naomi: A faithful, bitter Israelite Ruth: A determined, God-fearing Moabite The LORD: The God of hidden sovereignty and welcoming kindness Returning to the kindness of the sovereign Lord