Joseph #4 – Repentance And Reconciliation (Genesis 42 – 44)

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Verses Section Title
42:1-5 Jacob sends 10 brothers to Egypt for food. Jacob sends his 10 sons to Egypt: a shroud of suspicion rests over this family as he holds back Benjamin from possible harm.
42:6-28 A test for Joseph’s brothers (Part 1): Simeon imprisoned They do not recognise the governor to be Joseph, who has the appearance of harshness, but in reality, affection, mercy and generosity, seeking to expose their sin and give them opportunity to repent. Joseph imprisons Simeon and tells them not to return without Benjamin.
42:29-38 Jacob’s despair and Reuben’s (ill-timed] pledge The brothers report to their father and discover their silver in their sacks. Jacob sees only trouble and despair. Reuben’s pledge to guarantee Benjamin’s safety falls on deaf ears because of broken trust and bad timing.
43:1-15 Jacob’s second mission for food (along with Benjamin on Judah’s pledge) Judah takes responsibility and persuades Jacob to allow Benjamin to travel with them to Egypt. They go with Jacob’s gifts and double the silver.
43:16-34 Joseph’s Dinner Party Joseph honours his brothers by hosting them, showing special affection and provision for Benjamin, despite the brothers’ fears, giving them every opportunity to display old jealousies.
44:1-17 A test for Joseph’s brothers (Part 2): Benjamin accused The brothers are found to be in possession of their silver, and Joseph’s silver cup is found in Benjamin’s sack. They are fully exposed and completely at the mercy of Joseph. How will they handle the threat to Benjamin’s liberty and their father’s hope and wellbeing?
44:18-34 Judah’s Speech Judah pleads with Joseph, not for mercy, but for permission to stand in for Benjamin, bearing the guilt and taking responsibility for his father Jacob’s grief.