Joseph #6 – The Length And Breadth Of God’s Blessing (Genesis 47:28 – 48:22, 49:29-33, 50:22-26)

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Sermon outline

Intro: What is blessing?

The Matter of Belonging
The Matter of Inheritance
The Matter of Future Hope

Conclusion: What is blessing?

Prayer Points
Praise God that he has an eternal desire to bring us blessing because he is filled with love for his creation.
Praise God that we have come to know Jesus Christ and that all the blessings we have in Christ are sufficient for every kind of human flourishing we could dream of.
Let us pray to God that he would fill us with the knowledge of his will and of the extraordinary inheritance that we have received because of our blessing in Christ.
Let us pray to God that he would make us bold in witness to Christ, asking him to use our conversations and our interactions with others to be a vehicle for his blessing.