The Lord is King #3 – The Vine of the Lord: Bad (and good) fruit – Isaiah 5:1-30

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Sermon outline

Bad fruit?
“What more could have been done!?” (5:1-7)
Woe! Israel’s cluster of rotten fruit
  • Oppressive materialism (v8-10)
  • Thoughtless hedonism (v11-12)
  • Cynical wickedness (V18-19)
  • Moral confusion (v20)
  • Proud arrogance (v21)
  • Drunken corruption (v22-23)
  • Exile (v13)
  • Death and humiliation (V14-17)
  • Decay (v24)
  • The Lord’s anger burns (v25)
Yet, for all this, his anger is not turned away… (v25-30)
The wonder of the gospel: What more was done
  • Anger turned away at the cross (Mark 15:33-39)
  • The true vine who enables good fruit (John 15:1-8)
Receiving the Gardener’s gracious pruning