The Lord is King #5 – The Zeal of the Lord: From darkness to light (Isaiah 7-9)

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Sermon outline

Longing for a leader
Three desperate kings and three significant kids (Isaiah 7-8)
• Kings:
Ahaz (Judah)
Rezin (Aram/Syrria)
Pekah (Israel/Ephraim)
• Kids:
Shear-Jashub (“A-remnant-will-return/repent”)
Emmanuel (“God-with-us”)
Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz (“Quick-to-the-plunder-swift-to-the-spoil”)
The divine Son, the eternal King (Isaiah 9:1-7)
From darkness to light
… from distress to joy
… from oppression to freedom
…under the eternal reign of the Prince of peace
O come, O come, Emmanuel!