What is the Work of The Holy Spirit #1 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-41 )

Read the Bible passage

Service Outline

The most controversial chapter in the Bible? 

But meant to bring unity and thankfulness. 

  1. The Promise 

Luke 24:46-49 

Acts 1:4,6,8. 

  1. What happened? 


Unusual, but not unique 

  1. The impact (Acts 2:12-13) 
  2. What did it mean? (Acts 2:14-41) 

Speaking in tongues (vv17-21) 

The ‘Last Days’ 

Jesus is the focus (vv22-41) 

  1. What does it mean for us? 

Baptism in the Holy Spirit 

Living in the Age of Salvation 

A Spirit Filled Church (Acts 2:42-47)