The Real Jesus #42 – Processing Christ’s Call (John 21:15-25)

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Sermon outline

Part 1: A Call To Stand In Grace (vv15 – 17)
Part 2: A Call To Persevere In Suffering (vv18 – 19)
Part 3: A Call To Follow Without Distraction (vv20 – 25)
Prayer Points:
1. Praise God for his glorious grace: that he knows our weaknesses and failures, and still wants to restore us and call us on as disciples.
2. Praise God that his grace has given us glorious hope, because of which we can endure all things, including hardships and even death, since we have eternal life.
1. Pray that God would enable us to come to him humbly, in recognition that we have failed to live up to his call on our life, reaching out to accept his forgiveness and restoration.
2. Pray that God would help us to keep our eyes on our eternal hope, knowing that nothing can separate us from the love that we have in Jesus.